On June 8th, 2005, exactly 19 years ago yesterday, five Igbo traders along with their female friend were brutally murdered in cold blood by men of the Nigerian Police Force led by then DCP Danjuma Ibrahim at a police checkpoint in Gimbiya street, area 11, Gariki, Abuja because the female victim turned down the sexual overtures of the senior police officer, Danjuma at an evening gathering in the city.

The 5 Igbo traders names were:

(1) Ifeanyi Ozor
(2) Chinedu Meniru
(3) Anthony Nwokike
(4) Paulinus Ogbonna
(5) Ekene Isaac Mgbe, and
(6) Augustina Arebu the only female victim and fiance to Ifeanyi Ozor.

All six were traders at the Apo auto spare parts market, Abuja.

They were shot dead because DCP Danjuma made romantic advances to the only lady among them, Augustina Arebu, at an evening gathering, which she turned down. A minor disagreement ensued between the guys and the officer immediately stormed out of the gathering to the nearby police checkpoint at Gimbiya street where he told the police men on duty that he had sighted a gang of armed robbers.

When the Apo Six drove to the checkpoint, officer Danjuma reportedly blocked them with his vehicle and ordered the junior police men on duty to open fire on them. Obey the last order, Danjuma shouted, shoot them! shoot them!!, they refused my advances. The junior police men obeyed the last order and rained bullets on the innocent traders.

Four of the Apo Six were killed on the spot. The remaining two, the lady, Tina and one of the five young men, were killed the following day. The lady, Augustina Arebu, whose rejection of Danjuma’s sexual invite caused the whole murder was personally strangled to death by the very DCP Danjuma.

This is according to the findings of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry set up by the then President Olusegun Obasanjo which was headed by Justice O.O Goodluck.

Immediately after the killings, the Nigerian police went to work in a desperate bid to cover up this callous, despicable and inhumane crime.

First, officer Danjuma Ibrahim got arms from the Gariki police station and planted inside the Peugeot 406 car of the victims and got their official photographer to take the picture with a view to creating a false narrative that the innocent traders were armed robbers killed by the Police in a gun battle.

However, both the Administrative panel of Inquiry set up by the Police and the Judicial Commission of Inquiry set up by the Federal govt of Chief Obasanjo all established that DCP Danjuma led other officers and men in killing the six victims including strangling the only female amongst them and burying their bodies in shallow graves in what the Commission described as “a continuous single exercise of elimination to conceal facts”

The commission established the following facts: (Read carefully)

  1. The Peugeot 406 being driven by one of the deceased persons had six occupants including the driver; five males and one female.
  2. The police atrociously buried the corpses of the six deceased persons in two shallow graves at Utako District of Abuja Fct under the supervision of DPO of Garki police, CSP Othman Abdusalam, who is still at large.
  3. At the first point of contact between the police and the deceased persons at Gimbiya Street, Abuja, Area 11 Garki Abuja, not all the deceased persons were killed there.
  4. No shooting came from the Peugeot 406 car being driven by one of the deceased. (The Peugeot 406 car was originally owned by a certain Adamawa politician who brought the car for spare parts repair to be picked by next morning).
  5. The only female occupant of the 406 car, Tina Arebu was strangled to death by DCP Danjuma Ibrahim and PC Dennis Asawa.
  6. The two locally made pistols, two live cartridges, two expended cartridges, cutlass and daggers allegedly found in the Peugeot 406 car were planted by the runaway DPO Garki police station, CSP Othman Abdusalam.

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The then and now pictures of DSP Danjuma, the masterminder of APO Six killings.

That, the murderous cop, Ibrahim Danjuma was reinstated by the Nigeria Police Force and is currently a serving AIG is the height of official wickedness in high places.


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