An open letter to the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu .

Mr. President, I hope this letter finds you and the entire Nigeria in good health. I must admit that the purpose of writing this letter is far from pleasant .

As a concerned citizen of Nigeria in the Royal Kingdom of Spain, who advocates for justice and fairness, I am compelled to bring to your attention a matter that seems to be forgotten but not before more damages and deaths are caused to your citizens in Spain.

I wish to bring to your notice what has happened at the Nigerian Embassy Spain in the recent time before you assumed office as Nigerian President and what is happening again as I write.

I am very sorry to note that Nigeria is really a wonderful country where no one cares what happens to his or her neighbour as far as it didn’t happened to me or my family.

Mr. President, about 12 months ago, your political son as he fondly called himself; the late Nigerian Ambassador to the Royal Kingdom of Spain, Late Ambassador Ademola Seriki; from Lagos state, was killed here in Spain by the same people he was working with at the embassy just because he insisted on doing the right thing, what others never dared to do either because of fear or deliberately wishing to maintain the status quo. He died on the 15th of December, 2022.

Mr. President, the spirit of Ademola Seriki, is crying for Justice and vengeance . Mr. Sanwo Olu the governor of Lagos state where are you? Late Ambassador Ademola used to tell us about your friendship with him as Lagos boys.

While we were still talking and mourning our Late Ambassador’s sudden death, the Voodoo killer squad at Nigerian Embassy, Spain struck again. This time, they boasted openly at the embassy that the Head of Immigration at the embassy will die and leave the passports booklets he refused to release to them to do business, that he’s going to die like the Ambassador Ademola Seriki. Lo and behold, they carried out their threats. Ekpo died on Tuesday 29th of August, 2023 inside his office at the embassy

what was late Emmanuel Ekpo’s offences? Because he wants to make sure all Nigerians in Spain and it’s environs who has immigration problems both passports don’t come to the embassy twice.

Mr. President and Comptroller General of Immigration, late Emmanuel Ekpo’s Spirit is roaming everywhere in Madrid and at the embassy crying for Justice and vengeance .

Mr. President, one of the reasons why late Ambassador Ademola Seriki was killed was because he wants to reduce the embassy of over redundant Staffs and do things the right way, but as am writing this letter Mr. President, the Nigerian Embassy Madrid Spain is now filled with Ghanaians Lover boys in the name of employment, while Nigerians are relieved of their duties at the embassy. And the new head of Immigration at the embassy after the eternal removal of Ekpo, have just opened a NEW SECRET IMMIGRATION OFFICE called PASSPORT/VISA processing center in Madrid just close to Nigerian embassy.

This new office is being managed for their group by a supposedly resigned Diplomat, whom Foreign affairs of Nigeria footed all her bills and that of her Husband and kids to be in Spain as a diplomat and after staying in madrid for three and half years she started asking late Ambassador Ademola to employ her as a local staff at the embassy because she doesn’t want to go back and when late Ambassador Ademola refused she joined the group that fought him till death. And today she is running illegal IMMIGRATION OFFICE in Spain. For records purposes here’s the address: Pasillo de la castellana 93, block C93, 2nd floor; Room 209.

As a concerned Nigerian in Spain I wish to ask Mr. President and the CGI of Immigration are you aware of this new office and the revenue where is it channelled to?

Mr. President, you must act now and in the posting of diplomats to Spain again we advise you send more men than women to remove these shames they are bringing to us as a Nation.
As at today Mr. President, we have only 1 standing true diplomat at Nigerian Embassy Madrid Spain in the person of the new Consular General and such a man needs seasoned diplomatic colleagues to work with. Nigerians in Spain needs the likes of Nnamdi Nze, Emmanuel Awe, Mr. Olaniyo and their likes to make things work and have good service delivery to all Nigerians in Spain.

Mr President, the soul of your late political son – Ambassador Ademola Seriki and late Emmanuel Ekpo are crying for Justice and vengeance.

I look forward to your speedy action to this letter, while extending my warmest regards.

Sincerely Yours,
Umaru Nesa Garin

The minister of Foreign affairs,
Abuja Nigeria.

The minister of Interior,
Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Comptroller General of Immigration,

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